Tony Macaroni sponsors ITV’s Through The Keyhole

Tune in this weekend to watch Tony’s new favourite show, ‘Through The Keyhole’ with Keith Lemon.

The format of 1980s show has been revamped and updated with Keith being let loose on a variety of celebrities houses.

Keith says: “When I was a young lad all I wanted to be when I grew up was the boyfriend of Patsy Kensit, Kylie Minogue, or Belinda Carlisle, be part of the A-Team, go back t’ future or be the host of Through t’ Key Whole. Well one of those dreams has come true! Not only am I the host of Keyhole, I’ll be going round t’ houses like Loyd Grossman but with better shoes. I honestly can’t wait! I think this is what’s gonna meck Patsy go out with me! Oooosh!”

The new series starts on STV, Saturday night at 9.20pm.