Tony Macaroni Partners with Italian Celebrity Master Chef Fabio Campoli

IMG_7064It has been a very exciting couple of months for Tony Macaroni, as we have been joined by renowned, Italian celebrity master chef Fabio Campoli.
Fabio has been working closely with our accomplished chefs to bring his own exciting twist to our much-loved menu. Fabio’s focus is true Italian cuisine and he has implemented new ways of preparing our dishes to make sure they are as authentic as possible.
Fabio has been one of Italy’s most well-respected chefs for 15 years, and has been working in kitchens from the age of 14. He has worked on numerous film and television sets, including Mission Impossible 3, Eat Pray Love, Rome and Borgia, as a food designer and has been the host of several Italian cooking programmes, such as My Italian Recipes, which is shown every morning on Italy’s Channel 4.
He is also been president of the gourmet empire, Il Circolo dei Buongustai (Circle of Connoisseurs) since 2006. The team at Il Circolo dei Buongustai will assist in training our chefs with Fabio’s famous techniques over the coming months.
As well as working with Fabio on our new menu, we have collaborated with him to launch a fantastic recipe book. The book, La mis Cucina, brings together 100 of Fabio’s most exciting recipes and all proceeds are being donated to Cash for Kids’ Mission Christmas appeal.