Thanksgiving – What One Is That Again?


Here in Scotland, we don’t really do Thanksgiving. In fact most of us probably don’t even know why it is celebrated by Americans so passionately, even if we won’t admit it. So after a quick scan of Wikipedia and a chat with our half American uncle, we’ll now publish a blog post that makes it seem as though we know what we’re talking about. Presenting:

The Tony Macaroni Guide To Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving, if you haven’t bothered to open a new tab and ‘Google’ it yet, is a day of thanks for the blessing of the harvest. Now, I know what you’re thinking

1. What harvest?
2. Who are they thanking?

Keep in mind that during the 1600s (the time of the first recorded Thanksgiving celebration), harvests were a really big deal. If it all went well – i.e there was enough food to go around – people would be really happy and would assume there was some kind of divine intervention going on, hence the ‘thanking’ part of the celebration.

Like most strangely enjoyable things in the world, it was actually the English who invented Thanksgiving, and there is even a British equivalent called ‘Harvest Day’ that is still celebrated in some parts of Britain today (me neither).

It’s kind of like a dress rehearsal for Christmas, which isn’t such a bad idea when you think about it. Imagine how much smoother the day would go if we had a chance to practice carving the turkey and getting our sprouts the perfect consistency.

Anyway, regardless of where you are in the world, we’d like to wish everyone celebrating  Thanksgiving a very happy day from Tony Macaroni. We even made a big glitzy banner!