Struggling To Choose? – Try Our ‘Jimmy Style’

Nobody should ever feel like they need to choose sides – unless those sides are sauteed potatoes, garlic mushrooms and fresh bread.

But often in life, you need to make a choice – regardless of how tough it seems.

This is a hurdle that plenty of restaurant diners face. With such a diverse range of meals to choose from, you can spend more time pouring over the menu than you spend actually enjoying your meal.

Well, we decided to do something about that. Inspired by a customer who struggled to decide what to eat from our restaurant, we created our own meal that gives our customers the best of both worlds – ‘Jimmy Style’



Jimmy Style is undoubtedly one of the most popular (and famous) dishes available at Tony Macaroni, but have you ever wondered where the term Jimmy Style originated from? (this is the part where you say ‘yes’).

Allow us to elaborate…

It all started when we first opened up in East Kilbride way back in 2007. Tony worked every day in the restaurant and got to know lots of the locals who would visit regularly. One of those locals was a man named Jimmy Toto.

Jimmy would come to the restaurant every day for lunch. He was terrible at making decisions, and couldn’t ever decide whether to have pizza or pasta. He was so indecisive that he would order one of each, a pizza and a pasta, but as it was lunch, he couldn’t finish them both. Tony saw this happen for some time. Loving great food but hating needless waste, one day Tony asked to join Jimmy for lunch, and suggested they share a pasta and pizza – half and half each. They were a match made in heaven!

From that day onwards, Tony would take his lunch break at the same time every day, and joined Jimmy in sharing a pizza and a pasta. Other guests in the restaurant saw this and thought it was a great idea, and more and more people asked to order the same. One day, Tony was asked by a customer if there was a name for the sharing dish. There wasn’t at the time, but Tony knew exactly what to say, ‘Sure, it’s called Jimmy-Style’.