St Andrew’s Day With Tony Macaroni!

I’m sure a few hearts dropped across the world this morning when they opened their newspaper and saw ‘Scotland’ in the headlines again. But don’t worry – there’s no votes, referendums or golf course protests going on today. It’s St Andrews Day, and it’s a really big deal for us.

St Andrews day is the national day of Scotland. Some people take the day off work, some people have haggis for dinner, but EVERYBODY makes sure to say ‘aye’ a few more times than usual during casual conversation.

It’s not just Scotland celebrating today either. Countries like Greece, Russia and Barbados all hold celebrations too, as St Andrew is also their patron saint. There are even celebrations going on in Italy today – well, in Amalfi at least, a tiny little town where the famous (and truly incredible) St Andrews Cathedral is based. That’s good enough for us.

Here’s a video from our very own Fabio Campoli showing his take on fish and chips, made with fish from Peterhead!