An Easy Way To Gift The Perfect Present

Christmas is a time of sharing, caring, and wearing adorably silly jumpers at family dinners – right?  It certainly should be, but for so many of us this is far from the reality.


Christmas can be brutal. It’s expensive, tiring, and confusing. ‘What did dad say he needed again? Was it new golf clubs or rudolph gloves? I can’t remember, let’s just get him another ‘World’s Best Dad’ mug that he’ll smirk at once then use to fill up with old batteries.’


Well, we don’t like this at Tony Macaroni. We think it’s time to reclaim the true spirit of Christmas. Forget competing with your siblings to see who remembered that mum wanted slippers – why not get a gift voucher and take the whole family out for a dinner that you can enjoy together?


Not to brag, but that’s pretty much how Christmas goes in Italy. It doesn’t make sense for us to spend ridiculous sums of money on gifts that will be buried at the back of the cupboard when the alternative is an enjoyable meal with your loved ones.


We understand why you’re hesitant. ‘It’s lazy to get gift vouchers’, ‘People want to unwrap something on Christmas day’. Sure, it’s fun  to tear the wrapping paper off an oversized box. But it’s not very fun to wait  in the ‘returns’ queue for half an hour on Boxing Day. That’s what we want to help you avoid.


So why not give a Tony Macaroni gift voucher this Christmas (available from £10 – £250) and avoid the tat!