Christmas Opening Hours

If you don’t fancy reading an entire blog post, the short story is that all of our restaurants are closed on the 25th of December and the 1st of January. We’re open as usual every other day.

We’re not sure if anyone has mentioned it yet, but Christmas is this Sunday (yes, the 25th). You probably already have an idea of what you’re doing for the big day, but what about all those other slightly less popular days? Also known as the 26th, 27th, 28th, 29th, 30th and 31st – it’s the period of time that we’ve dubbed ‘festive limbo’.

Here’s what you’ll probably end up doing on those days (and what you could be doing instead):

December 26th

Cold leftovers, flat champagne and melting chocolate. Then an uncomfortable afternoon nap.

The AlternativeYou’ve just spent a whole day eating Christmas dinner – don’t force yourself into round 2. Why not try one of our light salads (like our Insalata Gottardo) or something entirely different (like our Mezze Rigatoni Certosina).

December 27th You wake up a bit too late, then find yourself eating chocolate for breakfast. You’ve consumed so much that it starts to taste metallic (or you just ate some of the tin foil).

The AlternativeHomemade chocolate brownies with white chocolate sauce. No tin foil included (unless requested).

December 28th The strange day where we suddenly start to feel slightly less Christmassy. One of the decorations falls off the tree, and instead of picking it back up, you sweep it under the sofa. The magic of Christmas is disappearing!

The Alternative Our restaurants will help you get back into the Christmas spirit. You’ll find trees, decorations and festive dishes which will help you to get right back in the mood for Christmas. It’s not over until January!

December 29th After a brief break from chocolate, you wake up with a hankering for it. After frantically searching the entire house for advent calendar chocolate, you suddenly remember that you ate it all, and reluctantly head to the newsagent for your first piece of non-Christmassy chocolate in over a month.

The Alternative – Stop eating Chocolate and ease yourself back into reality with some delicious pizza – still a bit naughty but nowhere near as bad for you!

December 30th Your days now consist of spending quality time with your family…huddled round the television from 9am onwards. This is the second time you’ve seen Shrek, and you still can’t remember who played the cat.

The Alternative Get off the sofa and grab a table at Tony Macaroni! (it was Antonio Banderas by the way).

December 31st New Year celebrations start tonight, and in anticipation of the big event you decide to do absolutely nothing during the day (you forgot to plan anything). Shrek 2 is on.

The Alternative – Come celebrate with us at our Livingston restaurant Hogmanay party! If you can’t make it to Livingston because you’re heading to the famous Edinburgh Hogmanay street party, why not get your night kicked off at one of our Edinburgh restaurants! We’ve got one on Queensferry Road and one in the Omni Centre, so they’re both great locations to get your night started at!