Celebrate Burns With 3 Limited Edition Dishes at Tony Macaroni!

Great chieftain o’ the puddin’ race…..head tae Tony Macaroni and stuff yer face!

Feeling the January blues? Thistle cheer you up!

Laddies and Lassies, neeps and tatties….Get ready to celebrate Burns night like a true Scot with our limited edition dishes! We’ve launched 3 new dishes inspired by classic Burns supper staples to mark this special occasion!  Introducing:

Haggis Pizza

Scotland’s national dish on a pizza? Trust us, it works! The posh term is ‘fusion’,  but as Burns put it bluntly, ‘gie her a haggis!’

Haggis Lasagne

Another bonnie pairing, and another dish proving the versatility of haggis. Layered between pasta with neeps, tatties and bechamel sauce, this deliciously more-ish dish will leave you “so deep in luve”.

The Bard

If you’re a tim’rous beastie, then this dish might not be for you. Crammed with haggis, artichoke, red onion, mozzarella and rocket and topped with tomato and bechamel sauce, The tartan-ic Bard pizza is pure poetry!


Can’t wait until the 25th to try these delicious Burns dishes? Nae hassle! These dishes will be available in all Tony Macaroni restaurants from the 17th January. Find out more or book a table here.