Black Friday With Tony Macaroni – Tony Macs Is The New Black

Fancy a bargain this Black Friday but don’t fancy battling the crowds at the shops? Head to Tony Macaroni, where we celebrate great deals every Friday of the year!


Wrestling for televisions and sprinting down supermarket aisles to grab the last microwave isn’t the Italian way. We like to enjoy our Fridays – get round the table for a meal, invite friends and family over and enjoy plenty of friendly chat (although we don’t mind a little wrestle for the last slice of pizza).

So don’t spend this cold November weekend queuing up for hours to shove grannies and children out the way. Celebrate Black Friday with our perfectly priced and extremely popular Presto menu. If you’re not familiar with our Presto menu, here’s the lowdown:



The Presto menu features exactly the same great food we always serve up, just at a slightly cheaper price. Everything is freshly prepared on premises by our talented team of chefs (they love to show off), and we always make every meal to order. It’s the only way that we can guarantee quality every time.


Still feeling in the Black Friday mood? You can always use our Wi-Fi to grab a bargain online while you enjoy your meal. Save the granny shoving for another day.


Book a table with us here or take a look at our Presto menu.

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