Queensferry Road Restaurant Opening

nostroTony MacWe’re thrilled to announce that our 11th restaurant, on Queensferry Road Edinburgh, is now officially open!

The restaurant may be number 11 in the chain, but this venture marks the start of an exciting chapter for Tony Macaroni.

Our Queensferry Road restaurant features our brand new menu, designed and developed by Italian celebrity master chef, Fabio Campoli. Fabio has worked on numerous film and television sets, including Mission Impossible 3, Rome and Borgia, as a food designer and has been the host of several Italian cooking programmes, such as My Italian Recipes, which is shown every morning on Italy’s Channel 4.

Fabio’s focus is authentic Italian dining, and he has been working with our chefs to implement new methods of preparing the dishes to bring out the flavours and make them truly authentic. The menu includes great new dishes such as our gourmet burgers, Spigola Croccante and Risotto Affumicato.

The restaurant launch parties took part on the 22nd and 23rd of November, with the restaurant officially opening on the 24th. Our prices are exactly the same, with our very popular Presto lunch menu launching in January.

We’ve kept the stylish Tony Macaroni feel to the restaurant, with an open kitchen, modern light fittings, booths and an area for parties.

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To book a table, call us on 0131 297 7444.