Monthly Archives: November 2016

Black Friday With Tony Macaroni – Tony Macs Is The New Black

Fancy a bargain this Black Friday but don’t fancy battling the crowds at the shops? Head to Tony Macaroni, where we celebrate great deals every Friday of the year!


Wrestling for televisions and sprinting down supermarket aisles to grab the last microwave isn’t the Italian way. We like to enjoy our Fridays – get round the table for a meal, invite friends and family over and enjoy plenty of friendly chat (although we don’t mind a little wrestle for the last slice of pizza). Continue reading

Thanksgiving – What One Is That Again?


Here in Scotland, we don’t really do Thanksgiving. In fact most of us probably don’t even know why it is celebrated by Americans so passionately, even if we won’t admit it. So after a quick scan of Wikipedia and a chat with our half American uncle, we’ll now publish a blog post that makes it seem as though we know what we’re talking about. Presenting: Continue reading

Partners In Wine

In case you weren’t aware,  it was International Merlot day on Tuesday. And while most people seemed to overlook this special event entirely (supposedly there was something else important happening across the pond), we were busy trying to figure out which of our wines worked best with a selection of our most popular meals. After sampling countless wines and dishes (and taking several spontaneous naps), we think we’ve managed to narrow it down to a shortlist of our favourite pairings. Continue reading

PAPA Award Winners!

The PAPA awards were held at the Lancaster London hotel in London this week, and as finalists we were invited down to the event to fly the flag for Tony Macaroni. We were hoping for a night of Italian banter – which is basically lots of lively hand gesturing – and some good food, but we certainly didn’t expect to walk away with 2 prestigious awards at the end of the night! The competition was very heated, so to win 2 awards is a huge achievement for us and shows how far we’ve come as a business in recent years as we continue to grow. Continue reading