Tony Macaroni sponsors ITV’s Through The Keyhole

Tune in this weekend to watch Tony’s new favourite show, ‘Through The Keyhole’ with Keith Lemon.

The format of 1980s show has been revamped and updated with Keith being let loose on a variety of celebrities houses.

Keith says: “When I was a young lad all I wanted to be when I grew up was the boyfriend of Patsy Kensit, Kylie Minogue, or Belinda Carlisle, be part of the A-Team, go back t’ future or be the host of Through t’ Key Whole. Well one of those dreams has come true! Not only am I the host of Keyhole, I’ll be going round t’ houses like Loyd Grossman but with better shoes. I honestly can’t wait! I think this is what’s gonna meck Patsy go out with me! Oooosh!”

The new series starts on STV, Saturday night at 9.20pm.

Tony Macaroni now Sponsor of Livingston FC


Tony Macaroni is proud to announce the confirmation of their new three year sponsor ship deal with Livinginston F.C. promising contenders for the Scottish Championship.

Livingston F.C. 1st Squad will be sporting the Tony Macaroni trademark on their Shirts & Shorts for the next 3 years!

Charles Burnett, Commercial Director Livingston FC, said:

“Tony Macaroni have had a corporate partnership with Livingston FC since opening in the town, their increased support for the next three seasons provides a major contribution to the club and will further strengthen our relationship.”

Giuseppe Marini, Tony Macaroni said:

“We are delighted to support Livingston FC in this exciting shirt sponsorship deal and  look forward to serving players, staff and fans alike over the next 3 years.”


More photos of Livingston FC enjoying Tony Macaroni’s:

Hey Presto!

Just a quick note to let you know that Menu Presto will return in Merchant City branch on Tuesday 2nd April 12-6.30pm.

New Restaurant!

Late September will see the opening of our second Tony Macaroni on busy Byres Road.

Assaggini will offer wine by the glass – including four varieties of sparkling Prosecco – and small plates of special Italian dishes, including 24 different types of focaccia with delicious toppings.

Ci Vediamo presto!

Tony Macaroni collaborating with

Tony Macaroni has launched the first series of collaborations with artists and galleries in Scotland which celebrates Scotland’s cultural diversity. In order to get to the heart of why Italians chose Scotland, a group of artists and writers are collecting stories to make new works about the people who uproot themselves to travel to and set up new lives in a new country.

Starting with the the history of Italian people in Scotland, Tony Macaroni is working with the team at Stills Gallery in Edinburgh led by Deirdre MacKenna, herself a Scots-Italian from Filignano. Over thirty people have already been interviewed to record their personal histories and experiences, and later this year, a website will go live which will link the stories to the original geographical locations of where people started out from.

The website will grow to enable other people to upload their stories about where they come from – whether it’s from Helmsdale in the Scottish Highlands, Picinisco in Italy, Łódź in Poland or anywhere, the stories will build up into bright and colourful picture of the multi-cultural Scotland we live in today.